Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2015 Family Celebrations

2015 was a busy year for family get-togethers - birthdays anniversaries,  Rocco's Bowl-a-Thon to fund raise for NOAH (National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation) and of course Baseball! We love our Cardinals.  I'm posting just a smattering of pictures from these various events.

Rocco at the Bowl-a-Thon

Jaime and Max at the Bowl-a-Thon

Gary and Aunt Rosalie

Shelly, Lena and Alice

Nathan and Aubrey

Max's 5th Birthday Cake


Chantel had a 30th birthday party

The theme was Carnival!

The birthday girl

Great nephew Graham was in a play (The Addams Family)

Graham was also in a little league tournament in blistering hot weather!

Great Nephew Clayton was in Beauty and the Beast 

Rocco had a 5th birthday party

My cousin's daughter Courtney got married

Another cousin's son got married.
And Baseball, of course

I think I'm caught up with 2015 quilting and family get-togethers,  Once more post about travel in 2015 then I'll be caught up with 2015!

Happy Quilting, Sandy

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