Friday, May 17, 2013

Quilt Shows

I have a good quilting friend.  We've shared a friendship for about 40 years!  That's a lot of quilting.  W started our trips to quilting conferences and quilt shows back when I lived in Kansas City, MO.  Linda flew out from Albuquerque and we drove up to Kalona, Iowa to view a showing of Amish quilts.  (I think that was back in the late 70's or early 80's)   At that time I didn't really know what an Amish quilt was but the show opened my eyes to the simplicity of the piecing and the awesome quilting.  Since then we've traveled to many quilt shows and enjoyed each and every one.

While visiting Linda we traveled to the HMQS in Salt Lake City, Utah and viewed some awe inspiring quilts.  Here are just a sampling of what we saw. 

"Gradated Mod Mosaic" by Brooke Johnson

"Shimmering Symphony" by Karlee Porter - loved the quilting on this one.

This is the quilt that won Best of Show by Marilyn Badger - her quilting is unbelievable.

"Magic of the Rose" pieced by Marie Clark, Sandi Kosch, Gloria Miller and Joan Waldman and quilted by Kristin Vierra
Here's a close up showing the lovely applique and quilting.

"Show Your Colors Stand Out From The Crowd" by Kristin Vierra

I took 3 classes - one with Dusty Farrell, one with Irena Bluhm and one with Claudia Phiel - all great classes,  I always end up with system overload!!  So much information.

Will save our trip to Santa Fe, N.M. to two other quilt shows as well as projects here in ABQ for another post.

Happy Quilting

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