Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My First Blog

 Hello - I've been a quilter for at least 30 years but am relatively new to the blogger scene. I hope to share some of my previous work as well as quilts in progress. I come from a large family and have made quilts for each of my brothers and sisters, their children and their children's children. So as a preview here are a few of my quilts.

OK - I apologize for the haphazard way this is looking, hopefully I'll figure out how to post these pictures properly.

Til next time.

Quilt Bug out.

Dianne's Quilt

 Alice and Dale's Christmas Quilt


Great Grandma Koppeis 9 patch reworked

Julie's Wedding Quilt

Ray and Marsha's Christmas Quilt

Bonnie's Christmas Quilt

Antique Fan Quilt (my setting)

Rosalie's Cardinals

Ruth and Carl's Christmas Quilt

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