Friday, January 17, 2014

Family get togethers

I worked the week of Christmas, so we spent a quiet Christmas day here in Memphis, then went up to St. Louis to celebrate the holiday with my family on December 28.  Had a lovely post Christmas dinner at my sister's house with my other sibs (except for Sister #2 - we missed you Ruth and Carl!) and their kids and grandkids - what a houseful.  Here are a few pictures from the dinner and gift opening.
Gary checking out the food

My sister Alice (hostess for the shindig) adding more food to the counter.
Aunt Rosalie waiting to open presents

My Niece Aubrey and her husband Brian

Dawn, Rachel, Nathan, Bethany, Kendal and Jessica

Alice and Kellan
Alice's husband Dale (yes, I know he looks like he belongs on Duck Dynasty!)

My older brother Gil, his son Daniel and Daniel's son Max

My younger brother Ray and his wife Marsha

Lovely Kellan - what a sweet face!

brother Rocco, another sweet boy

Gil's wife Kathy and grandson Max
New Year's Day we got together with my best frined from High School and her husband to visit and exchange gifts.  Each year she and her grandson make a gingerbread house - here are a couple of photo's.
I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but Santa is pulling the sleigh with Rudolph driving! :-)

She also has the most lovely nativity set, so I had to take a picture. 

This sign cracked me up!  Are they thankful they're closed??
More family get togethers with my next post!
Happy Quilting!

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